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Hospitality CASE STUDY

Hotel Deccan Park, Hyderabad


How do we transform a hotel into a home away from home for guests?

Lighting really does make or break a traveller’s hotel experience. An atmosphere built through captivating lighting always tends to transform a stay into an experience.

With many of their guests who are constant travellers and tourists, our client Hotel Deccan Park, a budget class luxury hotel located at Hyderabad wanted us to create a second home kind environment with the right blend of lighting. But that was not all, our lighting solutions had to a create a soothing atmosphere, help people interact while making them feel comfortable whether they are working, relaxing or socialising and most importantly be energy efficient. 

How did we plan & design the right light layout?

Our Wipro Lighting Design Experts did a thorough recce of the property to help them build the perfect lighting design layout.

To build a cozy and comfortable ambiance, our designers used Garnet Round Downlights of 7W, 10W & 16W and 12W Garnet Round Panels for the interiors. Further accentuating the wall textures, wall art & other focal points were Wipro Spotlights of 2W, 5W, 6W & 10W. Enhancing the aesthetics of the corridors were Moonlite 12W lights.

To provide a sense of rich warm interiors, we used the Wipro Garnet 3528 Strip Lights in coves for indirect lighting.  A banquet must always look grand while being well-lit, hence we adorned the hall with decorative lights that included the 3W Candle Bulb (E27) and the coves were lit up by Garnet 3528 warm strip lights.

Each lighting solution provided in the design layout was provided to ensure high energy efficiency and savings.

The Results

We achieved what we set out to create, “A home away from home”. A cozy, well-lit and hospitable environment that was in line with the standards of Hotel Deccan Park. 

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