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Residential CASE STUDY

Luxury Apartment at Saroor, Hyderabad


The perfect lighting is not just about Bulbs and Tube lights.

It’s not easy to design the perfect light set up for your home, on your own. Each light has a different purpose and range. There’s task lighting, ambient lighting and Accent Lighting, all are terms that could easily confuse a novice.

Hence Mr. Ramesh, decided to seek the help of the Wipro Lighting Design experts. He sought a LED Lighting solution for his luxury apartment in Saroor, Hyderabad that would create a warm and hospitable ambience while reducing his energy consumption.

How did we plan & design the right light layout?

We truly believe that the Perfect lighting could make or break a beautifully decorated home. Hence, we designed a light set up that would fit all the brief parameters while bringing to life his modern interiors.

Firstly, we created a combination of ambient and task lighting by using Wipro Lighting LED Downlights, Spotlights and Strip Lights. To create the desired warm and ambient lighting, we strategically used Square Downlights (10W/16W) and 3528 Strip Lights. This combination of lights could also be used individually or together, depending on the required scenario. And to highlight decorative objects in the room, we used Wipro Lighting Spotlights (2W) as task lights.

The Results

The end result was a cost-effective lighting solution that created a warm and welcoming home with a well-lit indoor environment.

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