How To Redefine A Home With Lighting?

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The 3 Layers of Good Lighting

Have you ever walked into a room and felt that everything was well harmonized? Where you could see, every little element beam its own character. That’s the magic a smartly lit home could evoke.

So, what’s the key behind getting it right? The trick is to find that balance in your desired space while playing with the lights and shadows. There are 3 basic types of lightings that are considered as the building blocks of a space by Architects & Interior Designers world over. They are – Ambient, Task and Accent lighting. If you layer these three the right way, you’ll see the magic happen.

Now before you throw us your 4 Q’s – What, why, where & how, we’ve got them covered below.


Also known as general lighting, it is used to brighten up spaces where you carry out daily activities, uniformly. It’s the perfect lighting for catching up with your family after a long hard day at work, for watching some good old TV in the living room or for business meetings held in your offices’ conference room. You can’t imagine any of these spaces with shadows or dimly lit lights during these moments. 

The Wipro Downlight & Flat Panel ceiling light range are designed specially to provide you with a uniform & bright home and are the perfect choice for Ambient Lighting.


Task, if taken in the most literal form could be – A light with a task. It is used to illuminate a particular area to help you get your work done in utmost clarity. For example, you need a steady and focused source of light on the platform of your kitchen, or for your reading room/ office, task lighting will help you perform better.          

Wipro Spotlights can be used on your kitchen counter tops & in wardrobes or Wipro LED Table Lamps for your office desk are built to help you with your tasks.


Accent lighting is used when you want to accentuate high points of your space or to create a mood in a desired space. It is used to highlight artifacts, plants, water bodies, bookshelves, or pictures. Accent lighting is the last step to layering lights and can be used as warm lights that accompany Ambient or Task lighting.     

Accent lighting subtly adds that glow and gives you that warm cozy feeling if done the right way. You can use Wipro range of table lamps, stripe lights, or small candle bulbs.

Now that you know the tip and tricks that will help you redefine your home, it’s time for you to add the magic to your interiors.

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