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The Perfect Guide to buying the Perfect Light Fixtures

Do I put recessed lights or pendant lights in my living room? Is it okay to put chandeliers in the bedroom? Am I putting too many lights? There are so many questions to be answered when you’re remodeling your home or if you have a blank canvas of a new home.  You’re spoilt for choices, and with so many options there is a high chance of things going wrong. 

To make your life simple and help you choose the right lights, we have created the perfect guide to help you choose the ideal light for the perfect place. Read on to know more.

Ceiling lights

Looking for ambient lights that will illuminate or brighten a room by itself? End your search with Ceiling light fixtures. They are best used in spaces where you need clear and unobstructed lighting such as the living room, bedroom or even your kitchen.

Wall scones

Wall scones can be used as task or even ambient lighting. They are attached to the wall and throw light in an upward or downward direction. They tend to give the designated space, a sleek and polished look. They are most often used in bathrooms, hallways, or living rooms.


Ideal when you want to add a dash of royalty & elegance while lighting up your space. These ambient lights are extremely versatile and can be fixed in different rooms based on the purpose. They also come in a variety of styles you can choose from while decorating your room.


Want to hit the spotlight on your favourite piece of décor or light up the corner of a room? Pendant Lights known as Task Lights are built for this purpose. They can be used to enhance objects or the corner of a room. For example, art work, pool table or even plants.                         


Recessed lights are a hidden source of light. They are most often installed within a hollow opening in the wall or ceiling. Giving the illusion of light shining from a hole in the ceiling.          


Lamps can be fixed or free standing units used for task or accent lighting.  They come in varied options, and are mobile source of lights. It’s the easiest way to spruce up an area by adding a lamp or two. There are floor lamps, desk lamps, wall lamps, and many more. It can be used in any part or corner of the room that you’d want to brighten up.        

Track lighting

Most often placed in a linear arrangement that resembles a track, they are perfect for task or accent lighting. It can be an anchored or suspended fixture from the wall. It can be used in small rooms to make the room look like a bigger space. They can be installed in kitchen islands to help you perform your tasks better.

Cove lighting 

Used as an ambient light, Cove lighting can be used when you don’t want a visible source of light, and still need a dimly lit up room but not harsh brightness. It is placed in the groves of wall edges, and throws light in an upward direction. It is best when used in bedrooms. 

Soffit lighting

Give your space a dramatic look with this task & ambient light. It directs the light in a downward direction and gives the wall a wash of light. It can be used on kitchen counters, or on hallway walls to give the wall a nice wash of light.                       

Hope this guide to the perfect lighting has helped clear your doubts, and will help you choose the ideal light fixtures for your rooms.

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