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A Guide to Lighting up your Stairway

Stairs, the most functional yet the most ignored part of our homes. A well-lit stairway can be more than just a beautiful piece to look at, it serves as a safety feature while still bringing your interiors together and making it look cohesive.

To get the right solution for staircase lighting, look into what your existing home décor is like and what lights will fit in. While choosing these lights, first set a budget aside that you are comfortable and then working your way towards what colour, warmth, and size to go for.

Now let’s have a look at what kind of lights that are available for next project and making sure you don’t trip during those midnight runs to the kitchen.

Wall lights

Wall lights can be an easy solution to brightening up your stairway if you aren’t ready for a complete overhaul. They are easy to install and you could get a variety of lights that would match your style and fit in perfectly with your interiors. You could choose from scones, hanging lamps, LED Bulbs, and many more. Just place one or a few at random intervals, and see the lights light up your steps.

Recessed lights

Recessed lights have multiple uses. When placed correctly, these lights can bring the stairs alive and enhance your home interiors. You could use spotlights or wall mounted recessed lights and space them out evenly to illuminate the stairs with a warm and soft glow.

Strip lights

Strip lights are one of the most popular methods to light up a staircase. The lights can be placed directly under each stair, placed on the wall, or it can be placed on the hand railing itself. They brighten up the stairs in an elegant way and prove to be a great décor accessory for your interiors

Pendant lights for spiral stairways

Pendant lights make any place look grandeur and adds a touch of royalty to the space. If you happen to have a spiral staircase, this would be the best solution to illuminate the stairs while adding character to your interiors.

With the help of these tips let’s turn your stairs into something extraordinary, checkout our products here that might help you with your lighting needs.

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