Learn About Mood Lighting And How It Enhances Productivity.

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An Introduction to Mood Lighting

“Do I really need to get a mood lighting setup? I already have enough lights to light up the room.” A valid thought in every house owners mind. Well, different people see their homes differently. Some see it as their sanctuary, some might see it as a party pad and some might see it as place to kick back and relax after a long day's work.

Whatever it may be, you need the help of mood lighting to give your house that effect. Mood lighting highlights and enhances any space dramatically, and make your home look much nicer and more inviting.

Apart from that, the main benefit of having a mood lighting setup is that it reduces the amount of energy consumed, hence lowering your electricity cost. It also helps release stress, enhance mood and increase motivation.

So here are some simple ways to achieve mood lightings without burning a hole in your pocket :

Colour Changing Lights

For homes with limited light sockets, mood lighting can get a little tricky. So, opting for colour changing batten would be the best option. One light doing the work of 3 different lights. Instantly change the mood of the room by choosing from any of the 3 colours.

Get colour changing battens and change up your home

Led strips

Using LED strips around the house is another simple way to achieve mood lighting in your home. Placing LED strips underneath the furniture or behind pictures on the wall helps create a dramatic effect as well as improve the ambience of the room.


Now that you know how to setup basic mood lighting, it’s your turn to go shop for the perfect light fixtures to make your home perfect Shop here.

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