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Residential CASE STUDY

RBD Stell Water, Bangalore


What makes a home perfectly lit?

The perfect light set up can create the right ambience to fulfil customer’s need. And when your customers are working professionals, the perfect lighting should enable them to work from home comfortably, without causing any visual discomfort. With our Wipro glare free lighting solution, we have achieved the desired lighting which caters to the customer’s need and are soothing to eyes.

That’s exactly what we wanted to establish, while being briefed about our esteemed client, Luxury villa by RBD Stell Water it is a luxurious residential project.

How did we plan & design the right light layout?

While designing the setup, our designers took details of the rooms, wall textures, colours & natural light settings.

Hence, we decided to build a layout that consisted of Wipro Lighting Compact Gold COB, Trimless Gold COB , Trimless Surface Panel. We have also used 22W colour changing Batten with which they can change the white light to cool white or yellowish white (Warm White) thereby creating right ambience for the right occasion.

While developing our lighting design plan for the project, we had to keep in mind that our set up must be low in operational costs and maintenance-free. Wipro Lighting LED lights were the perfect fit for the project due to their superior shelf life and high energy efficiency.

The Results

When the light fittings came to life, the outcome was a made to order glare-free beautifully lit and lively space. Transforming a house into an ideal home for working occupants. 

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