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Pai International Electronics Ltd., Bangalore


Lighting in a retail environment is complex, and not just because of the aesthetic and business considerations that are necessary. There is also a wealth of retail-specific guidelines that complicate things for retail shop owners. 

To help Pai International Electronics Ltd, an electronic retail showroom to overcome these hurdles; our Wipro Lighting Design Experts were asked to bring their expertise to the table. The brief was to create a showroom with a good level of lighting both horizontal and vertical and most importantly, energy efficient lights.

How did we plan & design the right light layout?

With a layout of the showroom and post understanding of the dimensions and light structure, our design experts got straight to work with an assembly of energy efficient lights.

To create an uniform and well-lit space through ambient lighting, Garnet COB spotlights were installed. For accent lighting and lighting up the products track lights were used so that one can read the products details on the panels and highlight the products on display.

The Results

The outcome was a uniform & brightly lit interior with additional focus lights on the products on display to enhance its appearance thereby grabbing customer’s attention. Also, these energy efficient lights have a good colour rendering index (CRI), which helped to create a vibrant display for their merchandise as well as a welcoming ambience for customers.

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