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Wipro 9-Watt B22 WiFi Smart LED Bulb with Music Sync (16 Million Colors + Shades of White)

Key features
  • voice 16 Million Colour
  • voice Dimmable
  • voice Control from Anywhere

A million possibilities at your fingertips. Amazing!

- Simran Chaudhary


Smart, indeed!

- Vishwa Menon


Instant mood lifter, Easy to set up!

- Arpit Roy

Wipro 6W LED Deco Table Lamp

Key features
  • voice Smart Design
  • voice Adaptable Light Modes
  • voice Eye Caring

Fantastic Design

- Harpreet Singh


Power with portability!

- Manav Shukla


Simply the best!

- Shravya Kothari

Wipro 16A smart plug
Wipro 16A smart plug
Wipro 16A smart plug
Wipro 16A smart plug
Wipro 16A smart plug
Wipro 16A smart plug
Wipro 16A smart plug
Wipro 16A smart plug
Wipro 16A smart plug
Wipro 16A smart plug

Wipro 16A Smart Plug - Suitable for Large Appliances like Geysers, Microwave Ovens, Air Conditioners (Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant)

Key features
  • voice Make your Appliances Smart
  • voice Control Appliances from anywhere
  • voice Set Schedules

Easiest way to convert any device into a smart device.

- Debashish Chatterjee


Fantastic Product!

- Madhusmita Jain


The future is here!

- Rahul Singh

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Surprisingly human stories

Presenting Wipro Smart Plug . Now make your ordinary TV smart. #WeMakeItSmart

Presenting Wipro Smart Plug | Makes your ordinary AC Smart | #WeMakeItSmart

Chintu The Magician with Wipro Smart Lighting | Technology that's #SurprisinglyHuman

Add brightness with smartness this Diwali | Wipro Smart Lighting | #SurprisinglyHuman

Wipro Smart Lighting Solutions - Control your lights from anywhere!

Case Studies

Witness the work of our experts who have transformed empty spaces with aesthetic creativity and our lighting technology into awe-spiring creations.

Mantri Primus, Bangalore - Decorative Light Product
Mantri Primus, Bangalore

Hospitality Case Study

Our design experts took on a challenge to design a lighting plan for well known builder Mantri .. See how

Luxury Apartment at Saroor, Hyderabad
Saroor, Hyderabad

Residential Case Study

An up-scale home seeks an upscale lighting makeover. Read to know how our design experts took o.. See how

Sri Krishna Jewellers, Hyderabad

Retail Case Study

A well known jeweler sought a lighting layout and solution that would make his designs stand ou.. See how

Joy Plywood – A Retail Outlet, Hyderabad

Retail Case Study

A retail showroom was looking for a light makeover that would create a warm and inviting enviro.. See how

Adigas Restaurant, Bangalore

Hospitality Case Study

A restaurant's theme is most often brought to life through Light. Find out here how our Wipro L.. See how

Hotel Deccan Park, Hyderabad

Hospitality Case Study

A budget class luxury hotel was looking at transforming their hotel into a home away from home... See how

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